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Barbara Anna Knauf

Barbara Anna Knauf

Kansas City, MO


Born in Germany, Barbara Anna Knauf (also known as Anna K.) studied art in Berlin and was also privileged to study Chinese Water Color painting with 90-year old Professor Liu from Shanghai in Sausalito, California. She has studied various art media forms at Lighthouse Ctr of the Arts in Tequesta, Jupiter, Florida and also in Arezzo, Italy. She began exhibiting her Impressionist painting work at the Artist Gallery of Palm Beach, Beyond D￿r, Palm Beach, Lighthouse Ctr. for the Arts in Jupiter, The Village Art Studios, Tequesta and Partners on Design in Tequesta. Barbara is a member of th American Impressionist Society. She recently had her first art and book exhibit in Kansas City at Affaire, as well as the Kansas City Artist Coalition exhibit in November 2013. In 2014 she joined Images Art Gallery in Kansas City as a juried-in member.

A selection of her oil paintings are now in collections in Germany, California, Florida, Iowa, New York, Ohio and Missouri.

The artist moved from Florida to Kansas City, MO in 2012 and had her studio in the Leawood area. However, in 2017 she returned to Jupiter, Florida, where she now resides again.

She has written and illustrated three children's books. They are titled: "When I Was Little In The Old Country" (Memories of a German Grandmother) and "The Wiener Dog and the Bear", (whimsical poems for children ages 2 to 100). The third book is titled "A Tale of a Beautiful Land". It is an environmental and historical book for children ages six to twelve. All books are available on and are in stock. "A Tale of a Beautiful Land" is also available on and as an e-book.

A book containing 126 pages of poetry by Barbara, plus awesome orchid photography by Phillip Flusche, her husband, is available on It is titled "Brushstrokes of Life" with over sixty poems and over 30 photographs of exquisite Florida orchids. The glossy cover shows a beautiful special spray of white phalaenopsis. The subtitle is "A Collection of Poems, Thoughts and Lyrics". It is a remarkable work of art in both poetry and photography.

Barbara's quote as to her painting art: "For me oil painting is not an exact replica of what we see - photography does that perfectly for us- but painting is an expression of the artists' interpretation of reality, a more complicated process. My art takes its inspiration from reality and then transposes it into a visual expression in another form of that reality. Art is also not just decorative but through the ages was an important medium to raise consciousness about social and human problems in society. At this time I am also interested in world wild life extinction and the peaceful co-existence of all people and animals on the planet.This is, as we all know, a huge global problem today".
Barbara Knauf


Dreaming of sailboats by Barbara Anna Knauf


Where are you going by Barbara Anna Knauf


Scarlet Woman by Barbara Anna Knauf


I SEE YOU by Barbara Anna Knauf


Waterglades Park Florida by Barbara Anna Knauf


Aspens in Spring by Barbara Anna Knauf


Storm coming.. by Barbara Anna Knauf


Larkspur Floral by Barbara Anna Knauf


Floral Symphonie by Barbara Anna Knauf


Hotel Bouquet by Barbara Anna Knauf


Pot of Gold by Barbara Anna Knauf


Floral in Watering Can by Barbara Anna Knauf


Pond in Berlin by Barbara Anna Knauf


Sun Goddess by Barbara Anna Knauf


Will you love Me by Barbara Anna Knauf


White Lilies in Olive Jug by Barbara Anna Knauf


Searching for my muse by Barbara Anna Knauf


Bahamian Bar Maid by Barbara Anna Knauf


Paradise Island by Barbara Anna Knauf


By The Water with Fish by Barbara Anna Knauf


Jupiter Intra-Coastal by Barbara Anna Knauf